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Help for SharePoint developers

This minimalistic application is to make it easier
  • To identify fields or content types mentionned in SharePoint ULS logs
  • To write documentation on fields or content types defined declaratively in a SharePoint package (wsp)

the tool generates 4 main xml files
  • mergedDocumentation.xml : this file contains all the informations collected on the WSP file
  • mergedDocumentation-Excel.xml : this file is an Excel 2003 xml file - 6 tabs are available
    • Features : basic information on features
    • Fields : basic information on site columns
    • Content Types : basin information on content types and their fields
    • List definitions : basic information on list definitions
    • EventReceivers : basic information on event receivers
    • List instances : basic information on list instances
  • mergedDocumentation-TokenLess.xml : this file is a clone of mergedDocumentation.xml except that "$resource:" tokens are replaced with their invariant language value
  • mergedDocumentation-Excel-TokenLess.xml : this file is a clone of mergedDocumentation-Excel.xml except that "$resource:" tokens are replaced with their invariant language value

Main Window

While application starts, the only option you have is to drop wsp files (1 or many) on the drop zone.
>> the generation process begins immediatly

Result Excel xml file

If you have Excel installed on your computer, double-clicking on the mergedDocumentation-TokenLess.xml file will open Excel and display the result as below.

Why Excel xml

There are 2 main reasons :
  • xml format can easily manipulated with C# code - no need to have Excel or any API to generate final file
  • Excel format is helpful because search engine is efficient (makes field id easy to find) and filtering engine is included (for example to limit result to a specific content type and its fields)


If you want to make changes, all you need to do is edit xslt files to get the result you want

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